Welcome to our Sustainable Appalachian Trade, Techniques and Teaching Project ~


First, some history…  In the fall of 2012, Tennessee Tech University's Sociology of Appalachia class was awarded a small QEP grant to start a project.  Called Connecting Tradition, Entrepreneurialism, and Knowledge of the Upper Cumberland, or The TEK Project for short, students spent the semester contacting people in the Upper Cumberland area (an area which has experienced economic hardships) who had traditional and cultural wisdom, who were artists/craftspeople, who were local food agriculturalists, and/or other cottage industry entrepreneurs.  Students videoed these individuals, edited what they recorded and uploaded the videos to Youtube.  We worked on the online directory to share what they had recorded.  A few students continued to work on the project in the spring (2013) and they were able to get a website up and running.


In the fall of 2013, Sociology of Appalachia students continued the work, developing an online resource whch serve as an educational tool for the community and also provides a little advertising for local craftspeople, entrepreneurs and others seeking to provide their goods and services to residents in the Upper Cumberland area.  The website went live in February, 2014.


It is my hope, and the desire of past and continuing students, to use this unique opportunity to work toward a sustainable local economy.  Our goal is to facilitate sustainable economic development in this region during these tough economic times by continuing to network with and promote craftspeople and various cottage industry folks who have products to sell or who wish to pass down knowledge and skills in danger of being lost.


We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you. Please click on the "contact us" link if you are interested in submitting and application about your business or technique.  We will then contact you and arrange for a team to visit you for a videotaping and fact gathering session.




Lachelle Norris

TTU Faculty Advisor

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